There is so much more to quality than CI/CD. It would have been better to qualify this example by noting that there is much more to quality.

By showing that CI/CD solved Yahoo’s problems it devalues an understanding of software testing and quality. Given the nature of Yahoo’s product, CI/CD might have been a good area to improve (I don’t think so). However, it isn’t for most other products.

It’s also disappointing when thought leaders in agile keep bringing up the tired old meme about silos. Good testers, e.g., Cem Kaner, James Bach, didn’t use silos thirty years ago. When we keep repeating an old cliche, it shows we don’t understand what testing really stands for.

CI/CD is good in itself. Companies will see improvements when they use CI/CD. However, there is much more to quality and testing that CI/CD does not address.

Software testing, project management, managing testers

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