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In 2016, Dan Ashby wrote a blog post, ‘Continuous Testing in DevOps’. The post included a hand drawn sketch of the DevOps loop and a modification on how to include testing. Dan explained that this meant testing in all parts of the DevOps model. …

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Agile software development radically changed the nature of software creation. One of the hallmarks of agile is the creation of small increments of end user functionality as opposed to creating software in one or few large portions. Agile also included many other innovations such as starting with confirmatory tests as…

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When testing API you use tools like Postman or write tests in Java, Python or another language. Reviewing defects reported by users, reveals critical techniques that you can use to test API. In this blog post, I review defects in a Python package to access Twitter, to get insights on…

What does it mean to test AI? If you look at the spam detection feature in your email, it sometimes works, less often doesn’t. Even if you flag items as not spam, some again show up in spam after some time. You could categorize that as a machine learning FAIL?


Software testing, project management, managing testers

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